Come summer and I am on hunt for light breezy apparel and similar vibe accessories. 

My summer wardrobe or actually all of my wardrobe for all season is full of cotton-ny, Indian inspired, classic, minimal apparel and accessories. And thats how I feel I bumped into these two amazing artists that gave me two of my new summer favourites.

Introducing Mogra by Sheena Roy. I have already raved about how much I loved her designs and how what a chic avatar she brings to the age old tradition of saree. And I was hoping to get something from Mogra Studios and I think I found something : )

Mogra is a travel & crafts label that brings together Indian textiles and global designs. They work exclusively with locally sourced, handloom, hand woven 7 hand printed fabrics crafted by india's most skilled artisans.

loved this dress when it was first up for grabs but missed the opportunity as it went out of stock almost immediately but then i got lucky the second time : )


Another Mogra addition is a lovely present from a very dear and massively talented friend/artist Antima Khanna. She is on a generous spree this summer : )

Antima Khanna designs are very carefully curated and designed for personalities. It is not a mass production done in some factories but lovingly hand-made to suit each personality and that is what makes it so unique that not many people will have the design you ll wear.

Another mention for my summer favourites is Moringa collection from Body Shop. I love that it is light fragrance and is an absolute summer must have.

Dress : Mogra - Hand block printed Wild Fern Dress | Earrings : Antima Khanna - Mogra  |      White Top : Cotton World