I was contacted by Insiya over mail after she looked at my blog. So happy that people in Vancouver found my blog, yaaay!

Insiya and her husband Eoin Finn follow a yogi lifestyle. They travel the world taking Yoga workshops and they were going to be in Mumbai with Eoin having a very limited time on hand. So we finalised a date soon after they arrived and off we head early morning for a shoot.

Insiya and Eoin are a yogi couple  and take workshops all over the world. As we speak now, Eoin is headed to London for another of his workshops. Both are based in Vancouver, British Columbia and run a company called Blissology. 

Insiya and Eoin wanted the images to reflect the city too and thats why I decided to get them on streets instead of a studio. This was my first experience with a Yoga shoot so critique is a welcome.


Eoin and his Yoga Asanas.


Blissology has some awesome yoga products too at their Blissology Shop.

This was a very new experience for me, taking Yoga pictures. I gave sneak preview to Insiya and Eoin and they liked the photographs. I hope they got the pictures they were looking for. I learnt a lot for sure.

Thank you so much Insiya and Eoin for this new learning !